Flagstaff Brewing Company produces world-class hand-crafted ales and lagers at a small brewhouse in Flagstaff, Arizona

Springtime on the FBC patioFlagstaff Brewing Company

Flagstaff Brewing Company was opened in July, 1994 with the mission to provide craft-brewed beer to a thirsty mountain town, and to break the mold that has typified the atmosphere, structure and goal of brewpubs for all too long.

Beer lovers, dancing deadheads, and outdoor enthusiasts congregate to share their latest adventures while enjoying the brewery's latest creation. So sit back, pull up a pint, and take pleasure in the casual pub atmosphere of FBC.

Springtime on the FBC patioWhat's New At Flag Brew?

The patio season has arrived and we are in full swing at the Flagstaff Brewing Company. The weather is amazing and the patio has been the place to be for local casual outdoor dining, relaxed beer drinking, and just people watching. Not only has the transforming weather been the topic of the season, but the brewery has begun shifting its beer offerings toward more vernal creations. Look for greater availability of our classic American Blonde Ale, "The Great Golden Ale", as well as the continued presence of the Sasquach Stout. Pub burgers, spicy wings, and our very own garlic potato chips are just a few of the tasty companions available to accompany our award winning beers!

Come out and enjoy great outdoor music during Saturday night patio parties throughout the summer! Also, iced coffee drinks, Italian sodas, and spiked smoothies with vodka or rum for the warmer weather are available on the patio through our very own Flagstaff Coffee Company just next door!